I have found a number of church leadership conferences to be very useful. However, I was unable to find any handy listing of the different ones which were available, so I decided to start my own.

This list only contains conferences which are primarily intended to help churches and church ministries become more effective. There are very many useful Christian conferences which I exclude from the list:

  • Conferences primarily designed to benefit individual Christians, rather than churches
  • Men’s conferences and women’s conferences
  • Conferences which last for less than one full day
  • Conferences which are only open to a particular denomination, rather than to everyone

My reason for excluding these types of conferences is not because I do not think they are worthy, but because I am trying to maintain a particular focus in my list.

If you would like me to consider adding your conference, or if you would like me to correct any errors appearing on this website, please send me an email via the contact form. My name is John Gibbs, and I live in Melbourne, Australia. My particular interests include church and business leadership, creative communication, poverty relief in Africa, and technology. My blog is at http://choosethecross.com.