Do you wonder how your church can deepen their commitment in order to further the reach of your ministry? Are you looking for ways to increase involvement and foster a greater sense of belonging?

Itʼs a well-known fact that a more connected church is a more effective church. Good stewardship goes beyond finances and extends to how well you help people build relationship with God and with each other. The challenge is to identify the right strategies, tools and tactics to increase connectedness with the highest possible return on energy and the lowest possible load on staff and leadership.

Come join your peers and industry experts for two days of interactive dialogue and learning. You will lean the latest trends in social media and how they are relevant to building meaningful community. You will also discover how to better your use of CCB (if you have the application). As an added bonus, you will walk away with your own custom social media strategy that you will be able to begin implementing in your church immediately. You will hear stories from other church leaders about how they have leveraged strategies and technology to better understand the involvement of their church and promote more effective outreach. Finally, you will hear and discuss the differences between a crowd and a tribe as outlined in Seth Godinʼs latest book “Tribes”.