Purposes of the National Church IT RoundTable:

To meet other IT staff and volunteers

  • Encouragement – “I am not alone.” “Here I am understood.”
  • Confidence – “I’m not so crazy after all.”
  • Relationship – Develop on-going friendships

To advance the diffusion of innovation in a given topic area

  • Sharing knowledge, lessons learned, and experiences
  • Sorting out the big picture. How does it all fit? Where are we going?
  • Synergy of new ideas, new perspectives, and new dreams

To facilitate collaboration

  • Explore opportunities for teaming up to accomplish common goals
  • “Network” – Learn who knows what and who is doing what

A roundtable is a peer-learning event where the participants are both teachers and learners. A roundtable is:

  • Small enough to emphasize interactive learning
  • Led by a facilitator and peer
  • Includes participants who have an affinity with each other
  • Does not include a strong agenda beyond sharing knowledge