The Velocity Conference offering features:

SESSION 1 The Planter and his Preparation We all are concerned about impact. We should be. The Gospel is impactful! How do you increase the velocity of our ministry impact? By slowing down! We slow down to prepare. We slow down to renew! We slow down to regroup. Without slowing there is no accelerating. This is where it must begin. We must begin with the planter and his preparation.

SESSION 2 The Planter and his Mission We all have the same mission. This mission is clearly laid out in Matthew 28:19-21. We are a missional people. We plant missional churches. We serve a missional God. This mission is all encompassing. This mission impacts everything we do. It impacts how we gather, it impacts how we relate in community, and it impacts how we move out in mission to the world.

SESSION 3 The Planter and the Gospel Our mission is a rooted and founded in the Gospel. At times we loose our way. We plant our churches, but with little Gospel. God is calling his church back to the simplicity and centrality of Jesus. Our understanding of this gospel has been way to small and narrow. Our Gospel is a robust Gospel that impacts all that we do. What we understand about this Gospel profoundly impacts the churches we plant and the people we lead.

SESSION 4 The Planter and his Pain– Church planting is a life-shaping mission. We begin the journey with a passion and vision for shaping the lives of a community and even the world. Before it is over we discover that in order to shape the lives of others, God must do a work in us. The path we are call upon includes a cross. Planting a church involves the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Enduring hardship is part of the planter’s life.

SESSION 5 The Planters and his Team – Someone once suggested it’s not the hill you take, but those who take the hill with you. It’s about team. Jesus didn’t do it alone. Jesus multiplied himself through twelve unlikely men. He promised them with ultimately the price of sin vindicated, and with the blessing of the Holy Spirit that they would do even a greater work then he could do alone.

SESSION 6 The Planter and his Motives –Someone once said, “When our motivation is wrong, all else is wrong”. Think about it. We live in a world that glorifies star athletics and rock stars. Unfortunately, the church and us leaders of it are not far behind the world. In this social media driven world where we write our own press releases we must ask, “Why do we do what we do?” What motivates us? What kind of churches are we trying to plant? What is the compelling reason we engage in church planting? This is the one we must get right.